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Create user or company account

Create an account in RocketPlan

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Download the RocketPlan app through your iPhone's built-in App Store. Please note that RocketPlan is currently only available on iOS and desktop web interface.

To begin, navigate to the RocketPlan homepage and enter your email address or securely to log in with a social media account. You will be given the option to either “Create a Company” or "Join a Company".

To create a company, you must enter a password and your mobile number. Once you have verified your account by entering the 4-digit code sent to your mobile phone, you will then be asked to enter your first & last name along with company name.

To join a company, you will need an invite link from an existing company on RocketPlan. If they have already extended an invitation to your user email, you can see this invitation when you login.

Congratulations, you are now a RocketPlan user!

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