On the RocketPlan platform, new projects fall into different categories depending on the nature of the property and some of its physical features. It’s important to properly categorize each project, so RocketPlan can offer appropriate room types, save all necessary info, and correctly file all paperwork for prompt and proper payment.

Residential Project – Residential projects are those properties zoned as residential, whether owned or rented by the current inhabitant. Residential projects can have exterior spaces added as rooms, which is distinct for wholly outdoor projects, described below.

Single Unit Residential – Single Unit Residential properties, like houses, which have a single owner.

Multi Unit Residential – Multi Unit Residential properties, like apartment buildings, which have owners and/or renters in separate spaces.

Exterior Project – This category covers entirely outdoor properties, where the whole of the work area is exterior. To add singular exterior spaces that are part of indoor/outdoor properties, add a Single or Multi Unit Residential and add an exterior space as a room.

Commercial Project – Commercial projects have access to different room types, and final paperwork will be filled to reflect the project’s commercial status.

Single-Location – Use the Single Location category to add a single unit within a larger property, when the rest of the property is not part of your company’s portfolio.

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